[Android] Mother of Myth APK v1.0.6 (Action RPG Online)

Mother of Myth Features:

– Control the Power of Gods with Deity Cards
• Collect Deity Cards and harness the power of the Gods!
• Use Deity Cards in battle to annihilate your opponents!
• Equip countless different Deity Cards to customize your play style!

– Awesome Swipe Battle Interface
• Crush the spawn of Gods & Titans using an amazing intuitive swipe battle system!
• Master Swipe Battle and unleash your true potential!
• Equip Deity Cards and make your onslaught more massive!

– Fully Customizable Character
• Create a fully customizable character!
• Craft and upgrade your gear to rival the Gods!
• Create an awesome customized look for your character!

– Fight Mythical Bosses that Even the Gods Fear
• Use your power to fight epic bosses from Greek & Roman mythology!
• Collect legendary items & skills to make your character even stronger!
• Rival the Gods in Power!

– Immerse yourself in Epic Dungeon Battles
• Enjoy intense real time battles with mythical creatures!
• Collect items, make your character stronger, and get even more satisfying kills!
• Explore 40+ dungeons to find amazing treasures!

Download Mother of Myth Android

APK v1.0.6 OR Google Play

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