[APK] Live Wallpapers: S3 Dadelion+ Droplet+ Nexus+ Galaxy+ Weather (All in One)

Galaxy S3 Dadelion | Transform your Android phone into a Galaxy S3 with Dandelion and Water Droplet effects and make your home screen become lively than ever before. It is a must-have Android application with huge statistics of around 10 millions downloads monthly.


Download the free Galaxy S3 Dandelion live wallpaper featuring flying seeds.
Now with “Water Droplet” effect. Enable this effect in the settings screen.
Touch or tap the screen to add water drops on your home screen!
To use: Home -> Menu -> Wallpapers -> Live Wallpapers

Requirement: Android 2.2+

Download the application

#1 App APK: Installation File (S3 Dadelion+ Droplet+ Nexus+ Galaxy+ Weather (All in One) )
#2 App APK: Installation File (Only S3 Dadelion + Droplets but more customization)

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