AsterMiner 1.2.4 Normal, Paid for Android


AsterMiner is a slow and relaxing game;
– Hover around exploring the mines, looking for crystals to gather.
– Load the train to complete the level and open up new ones.
– Solve musical puzzles to open gates or deploy bridges.
– Find hidden beacons to increase your storing capacity,
– Find about the story of the United Earth Mining Company
– Currently, there are 20 levels, and 30 more coming!

Download AsterMiner APK 1.2.4 Normal, Paid for Android

What’s new in the apk v1.2.4?
– You can no longer get stuck if you left one of the train gates closed.
– The buttons on the music sequencer are a easier to press now.
– Moved some things a bit on the level selection menu so lvl 12 was no longer under the arrow button.

APK Normal 1.2.4 (Paid, Official) + Data

Install the apk, extract the data to Android/obb, and play the game offline.

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