Block Fortress APK+Mod 1.00.84 (Unlock, Money/ Official)+Data


Block Fortress is a minecraft mixing tower defense game featuring:
• a unique mix of TD and FPS gameplay
• complete freedom to build your base any way you choose
• customize your blocks, weapons, and equipment
• team up with your friends in multiplayer
• fortify your walls with over 30 different building blocks
• defend your base with 16 advanced turret types
• gear up your avatar with tons of weapons and equipment
• lots of support blocks including power generators, depth charges, and more
• day and night cycle to prepare yourself for the harsh night!
• several game modes including a “free build” sandbox
• 6 different types of terrain to conquer
• upload and share your creations, and download others

Download Block Fortress APK+Mod 1.00.84 (Unlock, Money/ Official)+Data

What’s new in the apk v1.00.84?
– Fixed expansion files
– Fixed bootup crash on some devices
– Deck the halls with a limited-time Christmas theme!
– Take the battle to the depths of the ocean with an all new underwater map
– New weapons: grenade launcher, flame thrower, and devastator
– New equipment: grappling hook
– New turret: nerve gas launcher
– Enhanced sky, vegetation, and water graphics
– Realistic soft terrain lighting effects
– Increased the field of view
– Improved multiplayer experience (decreased lag)

Adreno: APK Normal v1.00.82 (Official, Paid) + Data | PVR : APK Normal v1.00.83 (Official, Paid) + Data

Mali & Tegra : APK Normal v1.00.84 (Official, Paid) + Data

Install the apk, extract the data to Android/obb, and play the game offline.

What’s new in the apk v1.00.24?
• added a new PvP arena mode!
• added tons of new equipment
• added zip line blocks!
• added third-person view!
• improved look on all models
• added jumping & crouching
• added floating blocks option in sandbox
• you can now regenerate terrain while placing your barracks

Adreno: APK Mod v1.00.82 (Money, Unlock) + Data | PVR: APK Mod v1.00.23 (Money, Unlock) + Data

Mali: APK Mod v1.00.21 (Money, Unlock) + Data     | Tegra: APK Mod v1.00.24 (Money, Unlock) + Data

Install the apk, extract the data to Android/obb, and play the game offline.

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