Castle Master 3D APK Mod v1.0.9 offline, full money

Mastle Master 3D is a full 3D action strategy siege game featured with first 300 vs. 300 siege battle.

– Customize your character with 27 weapons and 9 sets of armors
– Develop your character to be Paladin-style knight, speedy knight or fearsome knight.
– Turn the tide of the war by spying and redeploying.
– Build facilities to upgrade your castle and recruit soldiers.
– Defeat the castles of evil hordes and appoint castle lords.
– Win the love of Zeus’s Daughter to achieve the ultimate weapon, Zeus Blade.
– Find merchants of weapons, armors, rings and potions and servants who will help you raise the loyalty of citizens and lords in town.

Download Castle Master 3D APK

APK Mod v1.0.9 (offline, unlimited money) OR Alternative

Install the game APK, and play!

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