FIFA 2012 APK v1.3.98+Data (Offline, Paid) for Android

FIFA 12 is almost like its big PC and console brothers, delivering one of the most immersive experiences to date with perfect controls, amazing graphics and all the authentic soccer action for true sport fans. With a variety of different gaming modes from leagues to cups and of course, quick matches, this game can be played for short or long bouts, ensuring a variety of diverse options for the player.

Download FIFA 2012 APKΒ  Offline, Paid for Android

What’s new in the apk v1.3.98?
– Not available!

APK File v1.3.98 (Paid, Offline for all devices) OR Alternative LinkΒ  + Data: Part1 | Part2 | Part3 | Part4 | Part5 | Part6

– Install the APK, run the game, then exit.
– Copy the extracted data to sdcard/android/data/
– Make sure that the name of data folder is (if not, rename the data folder to the
– Run the game again and play!

If the game is FC or anything else, try to install this apk v1.6.01 ( OR apk v1.2.5 (

Note: the data folder for each apk version is not the same. For example, for apk v1.3.87 the data folder isΒ, but for apk v1.3.98 it is In case you install other apk versions (not apk v1.3.87), after installation, run the game for the 1st time, go to Android/data/, look for….., then copy the extracted data files (not extracted data folder) to that folder.

Common Issues:
Problem: The graphic of the field is not green as nornal, but many colors.
(i) If your phone is rooted, try to install Chainfire3D and go to “DefaultOpenGL” and set ONLY “Unroll Textures”.
(ii) OR delete my provided data and try to download new data via Wifi.

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