Final Fantasy Agito Apk v3.0.3 +Data (Working) for Android

Final Fantasy Agito features:

■ World “Oriens” constant stream of war on Crystal. So you will be Agito cadet, which aims to savior “Agito” to save the world.
■ Enjoy the youth in school life! In Madou Institute as the base you can enjoy the bright and lively school life with other Agito candidates. Season events and is carried out birthday event at any time.
■ Life of blow deadly catching fit kill site battle. In the battlefield toward receives the mission will force the battle is fought to defeat the monsters by making full use of magic and abilities. If you tap the “kill site” that is displayed in the enemy that showed the gap, the enemy is killed instantly!
■ Agito Crystal of the blessings to candidates there. To subdue warfare to fight the giant monster in combat missions and all players. You can get the class points by participating and interact with other cadet in “Mashirube-in”, while strengthening the equipment.

The game is available in Japanese only!

Download and install Final Fantasy Agito (APK v3.0.3 + Data) for Android

What’s new in the apk v3.0.3?
Thank you so much for playing the “FINAL FANTASY AGITO”
We will guide you through the contents of the new version.
■ A new mounting and additional functions
Story mission [final chapter] add
Add the [new development] function
Appearance can change [illusion drugs] Add
• The first login bonus update
Friend Update lineup of Gacha
Add equipment
■ specification change and adjustment contents
And adjustment of the part of the UI, faster
• To adjust the parameters of the part of the monster
Other, bug fixes, we gave a functional improvement
Thank you the “FINAL FANTASY AGITO” in the future.

APK Paid v3.0.3 + Data

Install the apk, extract the data to Android/obb, and play online.

Note: additional game data will be downloaded when you progress through the game.

Download and install Final Fantasy Agito (APK v2.0.3 + Data) for Android

1. Download FF Agito GPK File v2.0.3 (baidu) OR alternative: Part1 | Part2  (drive)

Note: GPK file is a google play paid game file. Don’t change the file extension.

2. Copy the downloaded GPK file to the folder Sdcard/Android/

3. Download & install this market software

4. Download & install any File Manager, e.g. ES File Explorer

5. Navigate to the GPK file (in Sdcard/Android) through the ES File Explorer, select .gpk file > open as > other > select market software you just installed > hit “Yes” in Chinese character to install.


6. Play the game online! Have fun!

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