Fruit Ninja APK v1.8.6 iOS Mod (Offline, Full blades) for Android

Fruit Ninja (iOS MOD) features:
– More beautiful backgrounds
– More awesome blades, e.g, king dragon blade, sakura blade, thunder blade, …
– Random starfruits for bonus points.
– Shop for bomb deflects, time & point bonus items
– Some items, backgrounds and blades are only available through points purchasing.
– Pomegranate fruit appears at the end of Arcade mode and randomly appeared in Classic mode.

Download Fruit Ninja APK v1.8.6 iOS MOD Full Blades & Backgrounds and even more!

What’s new in APK v1.8.6?
– Support Multiplayer mode
– More Fruits and Items
– Unlock Full Blades & Backgrounds

APK with Normal Fruit Falling Rate:  APK File v1.8.6

APK MOD Increasing Fruit Falling Rate:  APK File v1.8.6 OR  APK File v1.8.5

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