God of War Chains of Olympus (PPSSPP) APK 1.01+ROM for Android

god of war apk android download

God of War Chainsof Olympus is a action-adventure video game featuring:
– Focus on combo-based combat achieved through the player’s main weapon and secondary weapons
– Quick time events that require the player to complete game controller actions in a timed sequence
– Player can use up to three magical attacks as alternative combat options.
– Features puzzles and platforming elements.
– Dawn’s solution for the controls received praise from critics.

Minimum requirements: At least 1GB in RAM & Duel core CPU.

Download God of War Chains of Olympus (PPSSPP) APK + ROM for Android

PPSSPP Gold APK v1.0.1 + Rom ISO: Part1  | Part2 | Part3

Install the emulator apk, run PPSSPP Gold, browse to the ISO Rom, and play offline.

Read “How to maximize performance of PPSSPP on your Android” if the game is lagging on your android.

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