Grand Theft Auto V APK (Mod GTA SA) +Data (Offline) for Android

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Grand Theft Auto V is not the official GTA V Android game from Rockstar Games. It’s modded from GTA SA. Although the game icon is GTA SA, the gameplay is GTA V.

Grand Theft Auto V is structured similar to the two predecessor titles. Core gameplay consists of elements of the game Tuesday shooters and racing, which simultaneously gives players an open world environment to explore vast. This is also the first character can swim and climb. Players can control multiple vehicles, including cars, buses, pickup trucks, boats, airplanes, helicopters, trains, tanks, motorcycles and bicycles.

Open non-linear environment allows players to explore and freedom to choose how to play. Although storyline missions must be completed to story development and unlock some certain content, but it is not mandatory and players can perform them always. When not performing the task, the player can freely travel and sightseeing around the city or to cause chaos by attacking other people and sabotage, which can cause fatal attention of unwanted from authorities. The police will handle minor violations, but the task force, the FBI and the army will solve the higher arrest rate.

Players can get many side quests to increase the properties and earn extra income for the characters, including the traditional side missions from previous titles like shuttle taxis, extinguishing fires, carry the injured to hospitals and fighting crime. Some new tasks include stealing, prostitution brokerage, delivery by truck or train and learner/plane/boat/motorcycle.

Download Grand Theft Auto V APK (Mod GTA SA) Offline for Android

What’s new in the apk v1.08?
– The game was modded from GTA SA v1.08
– There are tons of things for you to explore in this mod version.

APK Mod v1.08 (Offline, Mod GTA SA) + Data: Part1 | Part2 | Part3 | Part4 | Part5

Install the apk, extract the data using 7zipper on Android, copy the “data” and “obb” folder to Sdcard/Android folder, and play offline.
Note: Although the game icon is GTA SA, the inside is GTA V.

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