Jurassic Survival v1.0.3 Normal/Mod Money for Android


Jurassic survival is a free survival MMORPG featuring:
– Use your all your knowledge against dinosaurs and the wild nature.
– Rely on your shelter and deadly weapons in order to undergo all sufferings
– Unlock new areas to explore
– Dinosaurs unite into packs for hunting.
– Information is the second most valuable resource.
– Use the chat to communicate and share your experience with other hunters.
– Cold and lack of water and food won’t leave you any chances in the cruel world

Download Jurassic Survival v1.0.3 Normal/Mod Money for Android

What’s new in the apk v1.0.3?
– New event Crashed Car is available now! For completing it you can earn valuable trophies.
– Get ready to meet leaders! Trophies for defeating them are very valued among dealers.
– Bugs fixes, game performance optimization.
– Localization mistakes corrected.

APK Mod v1.0.3 (Online, Free crafts, upgrades, and shopping) OR APK Normal v1.0.3 (Online, Official)

Install the apk, and play the game online.

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