Kritika The White Knights APK v2.22.3 (Official) for Android


Kritika The White Knights features:
– Play the most elating activity RPG game than at ever before.
– Extreme EX abilities and call upon a companion to assist you with overwhelming!
– The Devil Sharp edge cuts through the battleground!
– The Blood red Professional killer cools as ice in the war zone
– The Dim Valkyrie allures with chains and judges with her sickle!
– The Berserker devastates everything in sight!
– The Feline Trapeze artist is speedy and deft with her spunky battling moves!
– The Shadow Mage capture and destroy foes!
– Pets that keep you’re side and make you more grounded!
– Become more grounded through 80 unique stages in Stage Mode!
– Experience and assault an interminable Beast Wave!
– Climb and vanquish the 65 stories of the Tribulation Tower!
– Turn into a definitive champion in Coliseum, Versus, and Skirmish!
– Cooperate to vanquish effective supervisors!

Download Kritika The White Knights APK Mod for Android

What’s new in the apk v2.22.3?
– New Class: Eclair
– New Episode ‘Khordus’ Unlocked
– 1st & 2nd Season Class Changed (Eclair, Dark Valkyrie)

APK File v2.22.3 (Online) OR Google Play

Install the apk, and play online.

Note: The game needs the latest version to play.

What’s new in the apk v2.18.4?
– New Class: Blood Demon
– “Continue Progress” feature added & improved reward UI
– Improved Guild system
– Improved Skip system in Monster Wave
– Popup menu added
– Season class changed (Blood Demon, Cat Acrobat)

APK Normal v2.18.4  OR APK Mod v2.17.3 (Unlimited HP& Max Attack)

Install the apk, and play online.

Note: The current mod apk is disable/not working due to the latest game update. Please temporarily enjoy the official game and wait for the latest mod.

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