Legendary Heroes APK Mod v2.1.9 (Offline, Unlimited Crystals) for Android

Legendary Heroes MOBA is an action real time RPG game featuring:
– Feel an action real time strategy game.
– Fast and intense matches with touch controls for best gaming experience.
– 4 unique abilities per character.
– Manage 3 heroes in the same match.
– Level your Hero and play them all as you want.
– Over 30 maps offering unique challenges for all players
– Use power ups to enhance your character attributes.

Download Legendary Heroes APK Mod Offline, Unlimited Crystals &Coins for Android

What’s new in the apk v2.1.9?
– NEW HERO: Barbarian
– Try all Heroes for Free!

APK Mod v2.1.9 (Offline, Unlimited Crystals &Coins) OR APK Normal v2.0.4  (Offline, Official) + No additional data!

Install the apk, and play the game offline.

What’s new in the apk v2.0.6?
– New hero: Electric Demon
– Achievements and leaderboards added!
– Bug fixes

APK Mod v2.0.6 (Offline, Unlimited Crystals &Coins) OR APK Mod v2.0.4 OR APK Normal

Install the apk, and play offline.

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