MineCraft Pocket Edition APK Mod v0.15.0.50 (Offline, MegaMOD) for Android


Minecraft Pocket Edition is the most popular block building game featuring:
– The amusement speaks the truth putting squares to construct things and going on enterprises.
– The Pocket Release empowers haphazardly created universes, bolsters multiplayer over a nearby system.
– You can make with your companions anyplace in the minecraft world the length of you have free hands.

Download Minecraft APK Mod Offline MEGAMOD for Android

What’s new in the apk v0.15.0.50?
– Realms! Play with up to 10 friends cross-platform in worlds that exist anytime, anywhere. Try a free 30-day trial in-app!
– City and Plastic Texture Packs to change the look and feel of your worlds
– Xbox Live support, including achievements
– Xbox Live Cross Platform Session Browse (Join Your Friends Games)
– Pistons – the final piece of Redstone functionality is here!
– Jungle temples & zombie villages
– Horses, Pig riding, Mutton, Carrot on a Stick

APK Mod 1 (Offline, Unlocked premium skins)  OR  APK Normal (Offline, Paid)  OR APK Mod 2 (Unlocked premium skins, No damage mod, Unlimited breath,Max Inventory Size, 1 hit kill with weapons, Max score, Indestructible Tools)

Install the apk, and play the game offline.

What’s new in the apk v0.14.99.2?
– 24 new Biome Settlers Skins! Play a Nether Extinguisher, a Mooshroom Forager, and much more!
– Various bug fixes.

APK Mod 1 (Offline, Unlocked premium skins)  OR  APK Normal (Offline, Paid)  OR APK Mod 2 (Unlocked premium skins, No damage mod, Unlimited breath,Max Inventory Size, 1 hit kill with weapons, Max score, Indestructible Tools)

Install the apk, and play the game offline.

What’s new in the apk v0.12.2?
– Build, explore and survive on the go with Minecraft
– Craft, create and explore anywhere in the world
– Survival and Creative modes, multiplayer over a local Wi-Fi network,

APK Mod v0.12.2 (Immortality)  OR APK Paid

What’s new in the apk v0.12.1 build 3?
– Buoy will no more get stuck.
– Swarms don’t fall under the ground, when they bring forth.
– Bug with an angling pole from the third individual altered!
– Altered bring forth crowds, now they are not decimated
– Altered crash out of the diversion when a player is attempting to get to the menu
– Altered mistake when re-entering the universe of cloud rendering
– Altered a few bugs that make the diversion flimsy
– Symbol half protective layer wasn’t right
– Entryways and wall are currently associated when they are open
– Included egg hollow creep

APK Mod v0.12.1 (Full, Immortality)  OR  APK Paid

What’s new in the apk v0.11.1 alpha?
• Skins! Change you’re in-diversion look by transferring your own particular skin or picking one from our downloadable packs
• So hopefully you know, the skins redesign is good with Minecraft: Skin Studio, accessible from Google Play
• One additionally thing about the skins: you have to pay to open some, yet heaps of them are free, so don’t push about it excessively
• Numerous dialect support!
• Water crafts with space for two! Take your pet for a wonderful ride
• Loads more cool things that you ought to find f

APK Mod v0.11.1 (Full Invulnerability)  OR APK Normal v0.11.1

What’s new in the apk v.0.9.1 Final?

– biggest update EVER!
– Infinite worlds!
– Caves!
– Loads of new blocks and items including Monster Eggs and huge mushroom blocks.
– Wolves! Tame a loyal companion.
– Loads of new flowers! So pretty.
– New mobs, including the spooky endermen and less spooky Mooshrooms.
– New biomes from the PC version, including mesas, jungles, swamps and extreme hills.


APK File v0.9.1 final

What’s new in v.0.8.0?

– Minecarts, rails, and powered rails!
– The view distance has been massively increased. Check the options!
– New textures, colours and block functionality taken directly from the PC version
– New blocks: carpets, more wood types, hay bales, iron bars, and more
– New crops and food types: beetroot, carrots, potatoes and pumpkins.
– Lots more blocks and items to use in Creative Mode.
– New AI and breeding.
– A new Creative inventory with tabs.
– Improved lighting and fog effects.
Installation File v.0.8.0 final

What’s new in v.0.8.0 build2?
– A few Realms fixes

– Some stability fixes and tweaks with Realms

Installation File v.0.8.0build2

What’s new in v0.7.5 (September 5, 2013)
– Lots of fixes!
– Creepers can be ignited by flint and steel
– Added support for connecting to external servers
– Fixed a lot of bugs

Installation File v0.7.5

What’s new in v0.7.3 (Aug 15, 2013)

– Added sun, moon and stars
– Double chest
– Quartz slabs
– Cooler title screen
– Many realms improvements
– Bug fixes

Installation File v0.7.3

What’s new in v0.7.1 (June 7, 2013)
– Fixed bugs with:
– Furnace and Armor screens
– Buckets
– Food animation
– Fire texture
– Realms

Installation File v.0.7.1 Or Alternative v.0.7.1

What’s new in v0.7 (June 5, 2013):
– Alpha of Realms servers
– Buckets
– Fire
– Smooth lighting
– Spawn eggs
– Chat
– Egg, milk and cake
– Connecting players inventory is now saved on server
– New menus

Installation File v0.7.0 Or Alternative v0.7.0

What’s new in v0.6.1: (Jan 31, 2013) 

– Features, and bug fixes!
– Signs
– Armor
– Baby animals!
– Fancy clouds
– Improved D-pad
– New tiles, including upside down stairs and quartz!
– Falling sand and gravel
– Stonecutter bench to craft more stone and sand items
– Colorful sheep!
– 0.6.1 is a bug fix update for 0.6.0
– Crash bugs: multiplayer chests and Sign input
– Newly put on armor items would overwrite old if it wasn’t removed first
– Half slabs could get stuck in “upper” position
– Xperia Play controlsInstallation File v0.6.1Instruction
– Download and install the game APK
– Run the game and enjoy!
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