Redcon APK Mod v1.2.0 (Offline, Unlocked) for Android

Redcon APK Mod v1.2.0 (Offline, Unlocked) for Android

Redcon is a new-style tower-defense strategy based game featuring:
– Build and customize your battle fortress as you wish
– Use Active Pause to freeze time and issue multiple orders instantly
– Command vast arsenal of weapons, from individual soldiers to superguns
– Infiltrate, Annihilate or grind your targets down through Attrition
– Grow and upgrade your arsenal of weapons and utility facilities
– Target your guns and command your soldiers.
– Gain new fortress layouts as you conquer the rogue state of Krux

Download Redcon APK Mod (Offline, Full Unlocked) for Android

What’s new in the apk v1.2.0?
• French localization
• Nuclear Strike Call-in

APK Mod v1.2.0 (Offline, Full Unlocked)  OR  APK Normal v1.2.0

Install the apk, and play the game offline.

NOTE: After three unsuccessful attempts at a mission, you can now call in a Nuclear Strike against the enemy fortress.
Use them wisely, there are only three strikes available during the campaign.

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