RPG Djinn Caster APK 1.1.0 Official, Paid for Android


RPG Djinn Caster APK features:
– Summon the Djinns and release their power!
– Collect up to 20+ ancient Djinns hidden in the lands of Dulshara!
– Thrilling and interactive battle actions!
– Variety of dungeons with everything from creepy crawlies to spooky monsters!
– Explore big and small cities and enjoy special events!
– Participate in mini games, rank trials in dungeons, treasure hunting and more!
– Aid your friends and fellow citizens with subquests!

Download RPG Djinn Caster APK 1.1.0 Official, Paid for Android

What’s new in the apk v1.1.0?
– A bonus dispenser button which gives you 1 ruby per 5 minutes is implemented in the main game screen.
After receiving the maximum amount of daily ruby bonus (10), it is closed until next 0:00 (JST).
– Some minor bugfixes have been done.

APK Normal v1.1.0 (official, paid)

Install the apk and play the game offline/online.

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