Shadowgun Deadzone APK Mod v2.6.0+Data (Unlimited premium) for Android

Shadowgun Deadzone APK Mod unlimited premium download

Shadowgun DeadZone features:
– Unlock new elements during gameplay
– Talk to your friends in real time with multiplayer voice chat
– Sprint and roll control elements have been implemented into gameplay
– Intense tactical multiplayer combat up to 12 players connected online.
– Two popular game modes: Death Match and Zone Control
– A wide ranging arsenal offers Assault Rifles, Machine guns, …
– Various items including Medi Kit, Ammo Kit, Flash Grenades, EMP Grenades, …

Download ShadowGun Deadzone APK Mod for Android

What’s new in the apk v2.6.0?
* Cheat Police: Some players will be able to report cheaters.
* Friend list and its functionality improved.
* “Nearby servers only” option added.
* Tweaked ammo kits and med kits.
* Tweaked rocket launchers and sniper rifles.
* Better font readability for Asian languages.

APK Mod v2.6.0  (Unlimited premium, Speed hack)  OR  APK Normal v2.6.0 + Data

Install the apk, copy the extracted data to Android/obb, and play online!

Note: ShadowGun Deadzone is an online game, if you want to play to ShadowGun offline, it is better to install this game ShadowGun APK instead.

What’s new in the apk v2.2.2?
– Added support for M.O.J.O. and other micro-consoles
– Fixed crashing on Mali GPU (e.g. Samsung Galaxy S3, S4, Note, …)
– Fixed visibility on Google Play on certain devices (e.g. HP SlateBook x2)
– Rockets and Frag Grenades are flying through nearby friends (fixes accidental suicide)
– Fixed the occasional ‘stand up’ after death
– Improved item placement (you’ll notice it especially near flags)
– Fixed occasional never-ending respawn countdown

Adreno: APK File v2.2.2 + Data

Mali: APK File v2.2.2 + Data

Tegra: APK File v2.2.2 + Data

PowerVR: APK File v2.2.2 + Download DATA via WIFI

Install the apk, copy the extracted data to Android/obb, and play online!

What’s new in the update?
Version 2.0.2
– Small improvements
Version 2.0.1
– Fixed blurry screen issue on Samsung Galaxy S3
Version 2.0.0
– Multi language support, 8 new languages
– A brand new cool feature: BOOSTERS
– Gold rewards for anyone who eliminates opponents with active Boosters
– New amazing maps
– New weapons
– New system of Daily challenges and rewards
– And much much more…

APK File v2.0.2  +  Full data

Install the apk, extract and copy data to Android/obb, and play online!

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