Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes APK Mod 0.5.149973 (God Mod) for Android

Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes features:
– Build powerful teams with heroes and other characters
– Make strategic choices and pick characters with complimentary abilities
– Collect characters from the original trilogy and films
– Make tactical decisions and equip your heroes with powerful gear
– Unlock special leader abilities to buff your team
– Lead Raids with friends and face off against powerful bosses
– Coordinate with your guildmates through Guild Chat
– Feel the excitement of beating opponents in epic battles in Squad Cantina Battles and the PvP Squad Arena
– Complete epic missions on Hoth, Bespin, Tatooine, and more.
– Unlock special characters to play through in light and dark side campaigns.

Download Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes APK Mod(God Mod) for Android

What’s new in the apk v0.5.149973?
• Develop unique strategies by customizing character stats with Mods
• Test skills with 8 stages of Mod battles and start earning Mods
• Grow your collection to take on elite Mod Challenges
• Strengthen your Guild through gear donation
• Utilize multiple sim tickets and sim up to 20 Battles
• Earn new Achievements

APK Normal v0.5.149973 (Online) & APK Mod v0.5.149973 (God Mod, Online)

Install the NORMAL APK and complete the tutorial first; then install the MOD APK over the NORMAL APK.

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