Taichi Panda Heroes APK+Mod v2.0 (Infinite Mana) for Android

Taichi Panda Heroes APK Mod v1.7 (Invincible) for Android

Taichi Panda Heroes features:
– Explore a vast and exciting world of a stunning taichi world.
– Become the celestial champion to glory in a fast-paced, 3D action adventure!
– Take control of a wide array of unique and powerful heroes
– Gather your forces and choose your squad to take the field
– Mix and match your heroes and switch your main character to suit your strategy.
– Many wonders lay hidden across the continent, waiting to discover them!
– Battle alongside fellow players, take on special missions,
– Take on powerful beasts of unbelievable power alongside allie
– Join with friends in teams and Guilds

Download Taichi Panda Heroes APK Mod (Invincible) for Android

What’s new in the apk v2.0?
1. Two new playable heroes – Cecilia and Toruk & Zip
2. New Faction Territory – The Borderland
3. Four brand new mounts – Rompus, Hellwyrm, Greenfang and Bone Chomper
4. New Faction Battle mode – 20vs20
5. New Battlefield – Capture the Flag (3vs3)
6. New Talent System for players Level 45 and above
7. Two New Military Ranks added – Great General and Grand General

APK Mod v2.0 (Invincible, No Skill Cooldown) OR APK Normal v2.0 (Official, Online)

Install the apk, download data via Wifi, and play the game online.

What’s new in the apk v1.7?
1. New 3v3 Mode: King’s PvP
2. New 25v25 Battlefield: Blood War
3. Military Rank System added in game
4. New Mount System with 6 available mounts
5. Level cap of heroes and teams raised to 80
6. New beginner world map: Nozwot Mountains
7. New Team instance: The Stone Fort
8. Two new playable heroes: Pan Zel and Ryoko
9. Optimizations and bug fixes to existing system

APK Mod v1.7 (Invincible) OR APK Normal v1.7

Install the apk, download data via Wifi, and play the game online.

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