Tales from the borderlands APK+Mod v1.74 (Unlocked, Full English Data, NOT FAKE)

Tales from the borderlands  is an action point and click adventure game.
– Explore the world around you, pick up and use various objects,
– Interact with the environment, and, most importantly
-Unexpected plot twists
-New characters
-Great sense of humor
-Stunning graphics

Download Tales from the borderlands APK Offline, Paid for Android

What’s new in the apk v1.74?
– Fix for blacked out characters

Adreno | Mali | PVR | Tegra : APK Mod v1.74 + Obb Data + Additional Data: Part1 | Part2 | Part3 | Part4

– The full game data is ~4GB, you must prepare ~5GB free space before installing the game.
– The Obb data contains only the 1st episode.
– The additional data contains the 4 remaining episodes.

Instruction for installation and playing:
– Install 7zip or peazip on your PC or 7zipper on your Android before doing further!!!
– Extract the “Obb data” to Android/ folder
– Extract the “Additional data” to Android/ folder (Put 4 data parts into 1 folder, open the 1st part to extract)
– Install the apk
– Play the game online

What’s new in the apk v1.21?
– Not available

Adreno: APK File v1.21 + Data: Part1 | Part2

Powervr: APK File v1.21 + Data: Part1 | Part2

Mali/Tegra: APK File v1.21 + Data: Part1 | Part2

Install the apk, extract data using peazip or 7zip, copy the extracted data to Android/obb, and play offline.

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