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Wild Blood APK+Mod v1.1.4 (Patched License, Working)+Data

Wild Blood features:
– Amazing real-time, full 3D graphics with special effects powered by Unreal Technology.
– Travel across 10 breathtaking levels
– Face 20 different enemies including epic bosses.
– Epic fights full of impressive enemies and stunning special powers.
– Become the legendary and brutal Sir Lancelot.
– Fight off the legions of Hell and challenge the mighty King Arthur.
– Wield a wide range of weapons from axes and longbows to your powerful great sword.
– Enjoy intense, spectacular and gory combat with both melee and ranged battles.
– Explore fascinating environments and solve puzzles to reach hidden locations.
– Have fun with up to 8 friends using Wifi or Online

Download Wild Blood APK Mod Money, Offline for Android

What’s new in the apk v1.1.4?
+ Support for Android 6.0+
+ Various bugs fixed

APK Patched v1.1.4 (Bypass License, Offline after the 1st online, support Android 6.0+) + Data (~2.2GB): Part1 | Part2 | Part3

Install the apk, extract the data to Android/data using 7zipper on Android or 7zip on PC, and play the game offline after the 1st online.

What’s new in the apk v1.1.3?
+ Support for Android Lollipop
+ Various bugs fixed

APK Normal  +   APK Mod v1.1.3 (Unlimited money) + Data

– Install NORMAL APK, copy the data folder to Android/obb and start the game ONLINE.(Game will install some files)
– When game starts exit it, now install the MOD APK. (OVERWRITE)
– Play offline and enjoy the MOD.

What’s new in the apk v1.1.2?
+ Newer devices are supported (No new features)

APK Proper v1.1.2  OR APK Mod money  + Data

Copy all data parts to your phone, extract data to Android/obb using 7zipper, install the apk, run the game (1st time internet is required).

Extract the game data using peazip or 7zip on PC, copy the extracted folder data to Android/obb, install the APK, run the game (1st time internet is required).

What’s new in v1.1.1?
+ New multiplayer mode: Juggernaut
+ One player is the Juggernaut and everyone else has to hunt him down! The Juggernaut gets special powers and is bigger than all the other players. Kill him and you become the new Juggernaut!
+ New multiplayer map: Haunted Castle
+ 3 new weapons: The Excalibur Sword, Twin Axe Crystal Blades and The Reckoning Longbow
+ King Arthur armor now available
+ Improved camera and controls with custom settings

APK File v1.1.1 (Mod Gold, offline)  OR APK File v1.0.7 (Mod, Offline) OR  APK File v1.1.0  + Data: Part1 | Part2

Install the apk, extract the data to Android/data using 7zipper, and play the game.

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